Mud Run Prep Workout!

Mud Mash Run Workout!

This past weekend I completed a mud run in San Luis Obispo with nine friends, it was a blast! We dressed up in costume, helped each other through the obstacles and all crossed the finish line together. The 5K race was full of rope climbs, barbed wires to crawl under, big, slippery hills, 8ft walls to climb, and swimming & slopping through mud, water, and soap bubble pits. A great weekend workout with friends that’s for sure! If you are thinking about doing a mud run – or just want a good workout- here you go! Give it a try and imagine yourself racing through the toughest of obstacles!

Mud Run Prep Workout 

  • 10ea Crawl pivots (see below*)
  • 3 Vertical Rope Climbs (Don’t have a rope? Do 10ea single arm cable lat. pull downs; adjust weight as needed)
  • 5 Hill Sprints (at least 25m long) – If you’re in a gym do 20 Box steps (alternating the step up leg)
  • 10 Pull Ups (Can’t do a full pull up? Do jumping pull ups)
  • 20 Push Ups (Easier: either do from knees or with hands elevated on a step)
  • REPEAT 3-5 times :)

*CRAWL PIVOTS: Get into a push up position; now move your RIGHT arm and your LEFT leg forwards, like you’re crawling, and then backwards. That is one pivot (pivot= forwards then backwards). Do 10 pivots on one side then 10 on the other. Notice the that LEFT arm and RIGHT leg stay planted the whole time the right arm and left leg are moving. You got it!

Be Happy. Be Fit.