Lunge, Hop, Climb, FLY!

Happy Friday! Here is a workout for you all to try over the weekend! Set your timer for 45sec on/15sec rest for 6 exercises…After 1 round, take a minute rest and then repeat 4 more times. YOU CAN DO IT!
  1. photo (19)Mtn Climbers – (right knee to chest then left)
  2. Flying Superwoman – (* See below)
  3. Plank on Hands – (Hold while alternating toe tap to the right, toe tap to the left)
  4. “Jops” – (** See below)
  5. High Knees – (while traveling forwards and backwards)
  6. Alternating Side lunges – (one right, one left, make sure lunging leg is bent, the other leg is straight) – Hold dumbbells or a medicine ball at your chest if available. 


* Flying Superwoman – Lay on your stomach with arms extended out in front of you, swoop your arms down to your hips and then back to straight ahead; think about squeezing your shoulder blades together, keeping your arms as high off the ground as you can, palms facing the floor and keep you head looking down at the ground

** “Jops” – Jump from two feet to the left and land one just the left foot, then jump back to 2 feet where you started, then jump from both feet to the right, landing just on the right foot, then come back to 2 feet in your starting position