Labor Day Healthy Recipes and Summer Drinks!

Labor day is right around the corner! With labor day comes BBQs, friends, food, and drink. All of which make for a great time, but are a not-so-great thing for those of you with weight loss goals. Below are some tips on how to make your drinks this weekend a little healthier and some great food recipes. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the parties without packing on the pounds!
As for the Summer Cocktails… 
  • Avoid Sugary Bases: instead of simple syrup, soda, or fruit punch, stick with fresh fruit juices (ex. instead of a pina colada – opt for rum and a bit of fresh pineapple juice!)
  • Use Fruit Puree! Fruit puree + sparkling water makes for an excellent beverage choice with or without alcohol added.
  • Make a Wine Spritzer! A little wine wine, soda water, and blended or chopped fruit of your choice!
  • Fresh Herbs– Mint, rosemary and thyme add a big punch of flavor to any drink. Try our Blackberry Mojito. Use the end of a wooden spoon to gently crush together 1 cup of blackberries with 2 mint leaves. Add a shot of rum and top with sparkling water (omit the rum for a mocktail).
avocado cup confetti salads
Here are also some Amazing & Healthy Recipes that you can bring to your potluck or BBQ this weekend…
  1. Avocado Cup Salads – cute, nutrient dense and delicious! From Smitten Kitchen
  2. Kale Chips – easy peasy
  3. Healthy Black Bean Chili – a great party pleaser
  4. Or for an easy solution, just bring a veggie platter and some hummus!
Enjoy the ideas! :)