Labor Day Workout, Tabata Style!

First off, happy labor day weekend! I hope you all have some fun plans for the time off and get to enjoy a relaxing weekend with friends and family. Now time for a labor day workout!

Between all those BBQs and get-togethers, try and squeeze in this short yet killer workout. It is a tabata workout and will only take about 30 mins! :) Download a tabata app for your phone (there are many options!) and then get this labor day party really started!
Remember: Tabata is a type of interval training: 8 sets of 20sec go/10sec rest. Do a full tabata of each of the exercises below. Ie. do exercise #1 for 8 sets of 20 seconds, rest 1.5 minutes, and then do exercise #2 for 8 sets of 20sec… until you have done a tabata round of each exercise once.  Be sure to rest 1.5min after each tabata round.  Warm-Up for 5 mins (nike, power walk, run, jumping jacks etc) then…
  1. Swinging Legs Plank – see video (easier: alternating toe taps, not swing; easiest: just a plank hold)
  2. High Knees – each knee coming up to 90 degrees (easier: run in place)
  3. Jumping Lunges – see video (knee issues: don’t drop into a lunge, just do the jumping switches without bending the knees too much; no impact: alternating forwards lunges, no jump)
  4. Single Leg Burpees – just what it sounds like :) (easier: regular burpees OR elevate the hands)
  5. Sumo Squats – wide legs with toes pointed out at a 45 degree angle; no jump just as many squats as you can do in the 20 sec
  6. Kareoke – 10m right, 10m left – see video
Enjoy! And as always, if something hurts, don’t do it! Sub that exercise for any other exercises you know.
Be Happy. Be Fit.