Exercise and Stay Active While you Study!

Do you ever feel like you don’t have time to both study or work and exercise? I recently helped a friend who needed ideas on how to stay active while studying all day long, and thought you could all benefit too. Whether you are getting your MBA, studying for nursing school, reviewing for the LSAT, or just catching up on a ton of emails, check out these ideas on how to stay active while being productive!

Exercise while Studying


  • Make and study flashcards; whenever you get one wrong do a 50/100yd sprint there and back (or 5 burpees or any other exercise). Once you get good at your flashcards, then do a sprint after every 5 you get right
  • Read textbooks & highlight; or go over notes while on the elliptical or bike
  • Plank while reading the first page of every chapter
  • Go on a walk while going over your notes
  • Read a section/chapter then do jump rope/squats/lunges/etc while summarizing in your head the chapter and the important points learned
  • Make a workout of whatever you are studying! (ie. if learning a system or series – like “The 7 legal requirements of OT” – If the first one is “make sure you talk to the parents”, P for parents and P for push ups, so do some push ups; then if #2 is “Sign Docs” then S is for Sign and S is for Single Leg Squats…. etc) …Hopefully that makea sense, difficult to describe via blog post

Have fun, be productive and let me know if you have questions!