All About Healthy Fats!

So many people are scared about eating fats, but it is important to remember that healthy fats are very necessary and GOOD for you! I promise that eating healthy fats does not mean it gets immediately stored as fat. In this post I am first going to talk about the different types of fats, then talk about the nutritional benefits healthy fats offer, and then give you a few ideas of how to include fat in your daily life!

Different Types of Fat
  • Saturated Fats & Trans Fats – These are the BAD ones, try to consume as little of each of these as you can each day. Saturated fat is in many animal products, and trans fat is found in a lot of man-made foods
  • Monounsaturated Fats – ARE HEALTHY! Found in a variety of sources. Sometimes referred to as omega-9 fatty acids
  • Polyunsaturated Fats – ARE HEALTHY! These include the omega-6 & omega-3 fatty acids that you often hear about (see below for more info on why the omegas are so good for you!). Polyunsaturated are usually plant-based fats.
Benefits of Healthy Fats
  • Both Mono & Polyunsaturated fats can improve your cholesterol. Long story short: they bind to the bad cholesterol (LDL) and get it out of the body. Lowering cholesterol therefore decreases your risk of heart disease!
  • Fat plays a vital role in the membrane structure of each and every one of our body’s cells!
  • Omega-3 fatty acids help to decrease inflammation, which is great for joint health, skin health, and decreasing symptoms of hypertension
  • Omega-3s are also great for cognitive health, brain function, and improving mood
  • Omega-6s help with lowering cholesterol and improving heart health. HOWEVER, too much omega-6s without enough omega-3s can cause negative effects. It is important that we have MORE Omega-3s in our diets than omega-6s (see below).
  • Omega-9s are important for blood sugar control as well as heart health and cholesterol control.
  • So eat A LOT of omega-3s, a good amount of omega-9s, and some omega-6s! :)
Sources of Healthy Fats… 
  • Omega-3s: (poly) walnuts, fish, flax seed, soy bean, canola oil, other beans, chia seeds
  • Omega-6s: (poly) almonds, cashews, eggs, sunflower butter, corn oil, canola oil, sesame, most nuts and seeds.
  • Omega-9s: avocados, peanuts, olive oil, nuts and seeds
Have fun eating some healthy fats this week! Put some avocado on toast, snack on some nuts, cook with olive oil or drizzle it on your salad or hummus. Add some fish in 1-2x/week and add flax or chia seeds into your oatmeal. Yum!!