Full Body Burn Workout

Hello ladies! Here is a fantastic full body workout for you. Do your best and modify as needed!

Download an interval timer app (this is my favorite on Android) or just use a stop watch and go through these 6 exercises for 45sec on/15sec rest. Add a rest station after exercise 6 if needed. Do a total of 4 rounds if you are a beginner or 5 if you are a more experienced exerciser!


  1. Curtsy LungeSingle Leg Push Ups (easier: single knee) – switch after every 3
  2. Alternating Curtsy Lunges(Hold something heavy at chest if available) – Like the picture to the right, step backwards at a 45 degree angle and bend both knees ideally to 90 degrees. Make sure you are taking a big enough step back so that your front knee does not shoot forwards onto your toes. 
  3. Lateral Leap BurpeesDo a burpee then leap right, then do another burpee and leap left. That is 2 reps. 
  4. Down Dog Push Upssee video
  5. Single Leg Hops like this video. Low impact option: don’t jump, just come to your tippy toes like a calf raise. 
  6. 5ea High Knees + 5ea Mtn. Climbers, repeat back to the high knees…

Set those timers and enjoy!