4th of July Workout!

Fireworks of various colors bursting against a black background


Happy 4th of July! I hope you all have a fun time with friends and family wherever you are celebrating! Here is a fun themed workout for you to do either over the weekend or on Tuesday the 4th! :)


Do exercises in a circuit style, 4 ROUNDS! Easier option = 14 reps of everything, harder = 20 reps. Exercises that have a left/right side do 20/14 reps total. Do a 5 min warm-up and 5 min cool down!

EXERCISES (descriptions below)

  • Star Planks
  • Firework Lunges
  • Star Spangled Bicycles
  • Ab Bursts
  • Red, White & Glutes
  • Side Plank Spectacular
  • Squats & Stripes

Exercise Descriptions

  • Star Planks – While holding a high plank (push up position), alternate opposite arm/leg reach. Keep hips square to floor. Perform 20 or 14 total reps.
  • Firework Lunges – aka Lunge Jumps. Start in a right foot forwards lunge, jump and land in a left foot forwards lunge. Low Impact = Alternating forwards lunges, no jump
  • Star Spangled Bicycles – Alternating oblique bicycle crunch with opposite leg straight. Slow & controlled! Slow motion! Perform 20 or 14 total reps.
  • Ab Bursts – Sit on the ground, knees bent in 90 degrees, lightly hug knees with head/shoulders off floor. Staying curled up, reach arms and legs out on a diagonal, making an “X”. Perform 20 or 14 total reps.
  • Red, White & Glutes – Single leg glute bridge pulses, like this, hold each rep at the top for 3 seconds.
  • Side Plank Spectacular – Holding side plank on right side (either knees bent, top leg straight, or both legs straight), perform a wide dumbbell row with left arm (elbow to ceiling), Same side for 10 or 7 reps, then switch. (No weights around, just use an invisible weight and SQUEEZE those shoulder blades together!)
  • Squats & Stripes – Body weight squats! Or with weight if you have it!
Have fun!