Tabata Workout Video!

Set your timers for 20 seconds on/10 off, for 8 rounds. AND GET READYYYY! Workout Video Summary: Squat Jumps (just squats option) 4 Side Shuffles + 4 High Knees 10m Sprints Plank on hands, knee to opposite elbow Criss-Cross Jumping Jacks Out-of-Sync Plank Jumping Jacks (walk out option)

45 Second Madness Workout

45 Second Madness Workout + MY FIRST VIDEOS!!

MY FIRST VIDEOS!!! I have inserted a brief video of each move in this workout!! Do each of these 6 exercises for 45 seconds, after each exercise rest for 15 seconds. After you complete all 6 exercises, rest 1 minute and then repeat! (Want to make it harder? Do intervals of 50sec/10sec rest!) 45 Second[…]