Fun Fact – You Have to Massage your Kale!!

Have you ever had a kale salad at a restaurant or friend’s house that was really delicious, and then you try and make one at home and it is bitter, awkwardly crunchy, and awful?? I bet you didn’t massage the kale! I know this sounds weird, but massaging your kale – with your hands – is a[…]

The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea!

Happy Tuesday! What are your thoughts on green tea? How often do you drink it? Well maybe it is time to reconsider! Even writing this email made me jump up and grab a nice steaming cup of green tea :) ​ Drinking green tea provide SO MANY HEALTH BENEFITS! Check out these facts… According to[…]

General Nutrition Guidelines

Hello! Are you in need of some general nutrition guidelines? Here is a great summary of what your diet should look like. Of course every person is different so please feel free to email me or ask questions for a diet plan specifically for you! In general you want to try and eat as many[…]