Nothing like a Little Yoga in the Mountains!

Gotta love yoga in the mountains! I had a beautiful weekend camping in Silver Lake CA this past weekend. The weather was amazing, the water was cold and refreshing and the air was crazy crisp! It is so great to completely disconnect from the tech world every once in a while. Besides spending time with friends and[…]

Hiking: Yosemite for the weekend!

Hiking is an amazing form of exercise! Not only is hiking a great form of cardiovascular exercise, but it also helps increase muscular strength and endurance. Hiking also gets you outdoors, which is often relaxing and necessary after a long day/week of work.  So go out and find a nice trail near you and enjoy[…]

Mud Run Prep Workout!

This past weekend I completed a mud run in San Luis Obispo with nine friends, it was a blast! We dressed up in costume, helped each other through the obstacles and all crossed the finish line together. The 5K race was full of rope climbs, barbed wires to crawl under, big, slippery hills, 8ft walls[…]