Seated Hamstring Stretch2

6 Key Post-Run Stretches and WHY!

Running is a great form of exercise! But it can also be hard on our muscles and joints. In order to keep your muscles and joints fully functioning and pain free be sure to do these 6 stretches after a run or long walk. Fitness is important, but so is longevity! Stretching helps in the long run to[…]

Running in a Winter Wonderland

Running in a Winter Wonderland

Another great workout for you to do on your own over the holidays! Pick your favorite way to do cardio and try the following… It isn’t a white wonderland here in sunny California, but we can pretend! :) RUNNING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND Run 3 miles (or Bike 8 miles, Elliptical 2 miles, Walk 2[…]

The BEST way to do your Cardio

The BEST way to do your Cardio!

There are so many benefits to doing your cardio work in intervals read my post Why Cardio Intervals are so Dang Effective to understand why! Now that you are convinced that intervals truly are THE GREATEST, try this amazing interval workout. It can be done on the treadmill, bike, elliptical, row machine, etc. or even outside[…]

Treadmill Running vs. Outdoor Running

Tuesday’s Tip: Treadmill Running vs. Outdoor Running

Today let’s briefly discuss treadmill running vs. outdoor running, read on to expand your brain and knowledge! First of all, both are great forms of cardiovascular exercise! Running is not for everyone, nor is it the only type of exercise you should do, but it is great to incorporate into your routine. Here are a[…]


Sometimes a Run is all YOU Need; or a Walk!

Sometimes we just need some fresh air. Need time to yourself? Need to de-stress? Think about life?  (Or maybe you just ate three of those delicious brownies I just posted ;)) Go on a run or walk! Treat yourself to some time out in nature, appreciating what’s around you. Whether it is a 5 mile run or[…]